Does Privacy Exist Anymore?

lg-878843_1280We all like to think that once we lock our phones and set our pin numbers our privacy is guaranteed, that is not the case. To unlock anything you will need the pin number correct? not the case. Strangers should not be able to see any kind of data, or any kind of personal information you may have stored.

Sadly this is a fact of life, your personal info is not safe. There has been an issue going around effecting not only individuals but business owners as well. Folks have had their info tampered with. A CEO of a Limousine company had his whole schedule and inventory info deleted away, a private catering company reported they might have had some sensitive info deleted as well.

This is the latest set of unfortunate circumstances that have affected many android carriers. It is called “ransom ware” Let’s dig a little deeper about what this ransom ware is about.

The lock screen is a protector from all that is personal in your phone, unfortunately your phone is not safe due to the new piece of ransom ware that is able to hijack most of your antivirus programs installed on your android devices.Security researchers have discovered that this may be the first malware of its kind capable of resetting a pin code on a device. This may sound crazy but researchers have said that by resetting the pin code it can also permanently lock you out of your phone or tablet.


tablet-431644_1280This pin-locking ransom ware is called Android/Locker pin. What does this thing do? It changes the infected device’s lock screen pin code, this leaves the owner locked out of their device with a message popping up demanding a $500 ransom. This may sound far-fetched, but it is true.

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The lock screen pin will be set randomly, the kicker is even if you decide to pay the ransom you still won’t get access to your device. The attackers will not change your pin code to your device.

“The Locker pin” is spread through an adult entertainment app installed through third party torrents, websites, and forums, this is according to security researchers. These third party connections are outside of the Google Play Store. The Apps that are in question are “P-Droid” and another one called “Adult Player”.

Once these apps are installed onto your android devices it tricks the owner into granting its administrator rights. It disguises itself as a pop window stating “Update patch installation”. Once it gets administrator rights the app changes the owner’s lock screen pin code by using a randomly generated number. The random number is not known or sent to the attacker, which means if you pay the $500 ransom you will never be able to get into your phone either way. You simply get scammed out of $500 bucks.

Many infected devices have been detected in the United States, security researchers have been informed about many other infected devices worldwide.  Unfortunately there is no effective way to gain entry to the infected android devices without losing all personal data. This means you would have to perform the factory reset which will remove everything and basically clean out your android device.

To avoid this stand clear of outside third parties especially if the apps are outside of the Google Play Store. Also don’t grant any kind of administrator rights unless you truly trust it. Your information and devices are never safe and it takes just one installation which can really cause harm to you and life.

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