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background-848456_1280I wanted to follow up the previous post with a focus on hackers and how they effect our everyday lives. In my opinion there is no such thing as privacy anymore online. Once you input your info online it is pretty much in the hands of the cyber world, at your own risk. Lives have been destroyed and families torn apart.

Its pretty much a reality of who and what we are as a society, online hacking cowboys. In the wake of the Ashley Madison debacle many things have been brought to light. The real question is how safe is your information online? Successful individuals from caterers to innocent Limousine owners, Teachers, Doctors and many other folks in thousands of professions have been compromised.

The only way from preventing this from happening again to people is simple, educate them!

Many people think they are safe with what they put in their phones from passwords, date of birth, address etc. The truth is once we input any kind of information it remains in whatever data base we put it in. I am sure you are aware about The Ashely Madison Breach where hackers found many customers information from this site who was looking for other individuals from males to females to cheat on their spouse with. It has caused an uproar, and until this day many lives are affected by it. This article will inform you what the latest information has been done from these hackers that are destroying lives.

Before you read on check out these hackers who made history!

We all know about the IPhone and IPad from the infamous Apple Company, but what we are unaware of is the hacking issue that some of these hackers have done with many jailbroken iphones and ipads this month. Nearly 250,000 apple accounts that are valid and used across the world by many apple users has been compromised by these hackers. It has been aware that this hack was used and helped by a malware known as KeyRaider. This is most effective with jailbroken iphones or ipads due to the lack of security.

Complaints from many iPhone users of IOS tweaking, and server issues that was under an apple account that had provided a lot information of many apple account users and their passwords. This malware is harmful and is spread through an app’s repositories known as Cydia. Cydia is well known from handling mostly jailbroken phones.

It has been recorded that at least 18 countries that have iphones has been affected by this malware Cydia app. From USA, China, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, and Israel. Sources does show how to make this process work, But I am here to show awareness of the situation that many may not know about.  This issue was reported to Apple by many different apple account users obviously. Users was reporting unaware and unauthorized purchases, as well as the Apple app store acting very unusual.

Besides the reported incidences to Apple it was a student in China who reported some sufficient information while he was doing some uploading of some data to some kind of unknown database. After that his data was uploaded to a Command and Control server which led to all his information getting exposed. After that incident that is when the app of the malware was identified.

Please be aware if you have jailbroken iphone or ipad your information is not safe whatsoever. This malware is harmful and can collect whatever information you may think is safe in your phone or ipad. If your phone is not jailbroken then you have nothing to worry about. But regardless of jailbroken phones or non-jailbroken phones always be cautious of what information you input. Because once you put your information anywhere it is definitely not guaranteed safe. Be aware!

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